Apr. 18th, 2011

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I watched a programme about the UK's Eurovision song on Saturday. It was really an excuse for an hour long show that took the Mickey out of people wearing ridiculous costumes and singing terrible songs. That's what Eurovision is all about for me so I enjoyed it.

Blue have reformed to sing the UK's entry this year and it's actually not too bad. It isn't really "good" by conventional standards, but it's pretty good Eurovision song. It has a catchy chorus and a big finish and it miles better than the song Pete Waterman wrote last year (to be fair, last year's song was so God awful that you would be hard pressed to find a worse one, although this is Eurovision, so anything is possible.)

The song was written by one of the Bee Gees, the skinny one with the little round glasses. They should get beloved song writings to do the Eurovision song, Gary Barlow or Paul McCartney or Elton John. Can you imagine how camp a Eurovision song by Elton John would be?

We might actually get some points this year. The UK won't win, obviously, because the rest of Europe a) hates us and b) votes for their neighbours but I think we have a good chance of avoiding getting Nil Points. I'm pleased, watching last years effort was embarrassing.

I Can - cue power grip and edgy boyband stance

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