Apr. 21st, 2011

skylarking: (brown dog)
I've just stirred my coffee with a biro, is that gross?

My postal voting stuff arrived yesterday. That means I have to decide how I'm going to vote in the election and also for AV. I looked at the voting for the local election and thought, "I don't think I want to vote for any of those buggers."

I received some election bumf from the Lib Dems through the post the other day and their campaign strategy is very interesting. The letter was in a hand written in biro on a plain blue envelope and the letter inside was a copy of a hand written note. "Dear Friend", it started, "I have lived in this area for many years and have been touched by the kind welcome of all the local people, blah blah, working for the community, blah blah…against the cuts, blah blah" it didn't even mention that it was anything to do with a political party until half way down the letter and I had to read it twice to see which party it was from. No logos, no pictures, no mention of Nick Clegg…

Funny. The local Lib Dem candidate is trying very hard to promote himself as friendly neighbourhood councillor who doesn't reeeeeeally have anything to do with the rest of his party.

I'm still not going to vote for you pal.

Thing I have learnt
Today is the Queen's birthday, she's 85. Her real birthday not her Official birthday, which will be on 11 June this year.

The reason the Queen has two birthdays is because on the monarch's birthday they Troop the Colour. The Queen's father's birthday was in December and he decided that the weather in December wasn't good for Colour Trooping (sensible chap) so he arrange an official birthday for when the sun would be shining.

And, I think, because it would mean he could have two birthday cakes.

Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres