Jun. 1st, 2011

skylarking: (freak out charlie)
Michael Vaughan was in the building today.

I would have been more excited if I followed cricket and knew who he is without having to Google him (he's an ex-cricket player apparently).

I only figured out that he was someone who is someone when a man came to my desk to ask if he could borrow a permanent marker so Michael Vaughan could sign a cricket bat. He said it in a way that suggested that I was supposed to be impressed and excited. I really wasn't. Having said that...I wonder if I could sell the pen on Ebay: "Michael Vaughan used this"; someone somewhere might care.

(I'm going to omit the rant about how it would be useful if I was actually told that an important person, a camera crew and a photographer were going to be in the building so when the camera crew and photographer arrive I can tell them where they need to be and not sit looking like a total moose who has no idea what's happening.)

I've finally worked out which song Jennifer Lopez's song On the Floor has ripped off sounds like. It's The Lambada.

I recognized the tune but could only remember a snippet of the songs video where a woman with a short yellow skirt on was twizzling around. You can't really Google 'song with a video where a woman in a short yellow skirt is spinning around'; well you can but you don't get any helpful results.

Thinking that new songs sound just like old songs is either a sign of getting old or a sign that people don’t bother with original ideas any more. I think both might be true in this case.

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