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Fun new game - name the song you're listening to and add the words In My Pants to the title, so far I've had:
Bright Lights Big City In My Pants. Big pants required.
Some Might Say In My Pants. Indeed they might
Teenage Dream In My Pants. That's a bit wrong
Bad Romance In My Pants. Ra ra raha ha, My Pants ro ma mah

Thing I have learnt
TV physicist Brian Cox used to be in the pop band D:Ream who are best known for their thumpin' pop anthem Things Will Only Get Better. I wonder how you go from the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party to Secrets of the Universe...

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Date: 2011-06-15 04:08 pm (UTC)
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Hahahaha. Best game. Bad Romance in my pants rhymes quite nicely too.

On a quick scan of my WinAmp, I come up with:
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out in my pants
Please Don't Go in my pants
Swimming in my pants
and the beautifully literal My Body ( in my pants

:D Also highly rec these videos for Book Title + In My Pants games...
Edited for my inexplicable inability to embed videos. :o And again because I forgot to add my punchline. :)
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Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres