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I've just dealt with a piece of paperwork for someone called Johnny Steel. What an amazing name, it's right up there with another of my work related favourite names - Jack Edge.

They should both become Private Investigators, Jack Edge, Private Eye, has a brilliant ring to it. If he doesn't feel like being a PI Johnny Steel could become an intergalactic superhero. I think Johnny Steel, Space Ranger works too.

I'm trying not to manage my mood by eating cake. It's going okay so far, I haven't been troughing out of the tubs of mini rolls and bite sized brownies that someone has brought into the office. I don't fancy the banana that I have in my bag though so I might not make my 5 a day today. Maybe I'll have more tea.

Cathy from my office hasn't seen Dirty Dancing. I thought all of the women in the western world have seen Dirty Dancing. She didn't recognize She's Like The Wind. Weird.

(Yesterday's game = She's Like The Wind In My Pants *sporfle*)

Thing I have learnt
The word Trolololololol is used on occasions where Lol simply isn't enough to indicate how funny something is, it's like Lol squared.
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Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres