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I took an anti-histamine this morning for my hay fever and I feel all looooopy now.

I think the problem is that I took one yesterday as well; they're not too bad if I take the one every now and then but if I have a them several days in a row there's a build up and I turn into a space cadet.

I hope no one asks me anything complicated, or expects me to be coherent, or efficient, or awake.

And the best part is that I haven't stopped sneezing.

More radio based office hilarity:
*Beyonce's Single Ladies is playing*
Cathy: Is she saying "All my cigarettes?"

The Office

Mar. 23rd, 2011 10:31 am
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Conversations in my office:

Hayley: What radio station is this?
Me: Radio 2. They're playing The Carpenters. It's Radio 2.
(Not that I have anything against The Carpenters, I enjoy singing Close To You when I've had a couple of shandies.)

Hayley: Reading on the toilet is weird. When I was a student and used to house share the bathroom the boys mostly used had books and magazines in. That's so weird! I've never in my life read while I've been on the toilet.
Me and Hannah: Really?
Hayley: Yes. Why would you do it? It's not like you're going to be able to get though a book, you won't be there for long enough.
Me: Well that depends on...*gestures vaguely*...well...*decides to stop talking before it all gets a bit TMI*

(I think this one is my favourite)
Jodie: I had an argument with my friend last night about what 'optimistic' means. She think that being optimistic means that you can see into the future.
Me and everyone else: Bwahahha hahhahah hahhaha :)
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I received an email from Unison today saying that Nick Clegg is going to be in town tomorrow doing a speech in City Hall and that they're organising a protest. It is tempting to go along and shout, "Oi! Clegg, NO!" then leave. I think that will sufficiently demonstrate my point.

Ridiculous work stuff:
Last week there was FaxGate - a fax machine was removed, the world as we know nearly ended - this week we have PhotocopierGate - two photocopiers, one that breaks every other week, are being swapped around and no one has been telling anyone what's happening - the drama, it's endless. Thank God it's only a short week.

I ordered the DVD of the BBC Sherlock and because I'm obsessive and I like to have the full set I bought the Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law too. I really like it; it has the right combination of a ridiculous plot, cartoon violence, stuff blowing up and an epic bromance for me. And Jude Law's moustache was pretty hilarious.

Speaking of bromances, I saw the Robbie Williams/Gary Barlow slashtastic-Brokeback Mountain piss taking video the other day. Gary Barlow has managed to come a long way from the 90's, bless 'im. The video for Sure was on VH1 a couple of days ago and the rest of Take That were dancing around all "yes, we are wearing stupid outfits but we are still working it, let's shhhhhake it" where as Gary Barlow just looked like a total spud. I suppose he is having the last laugh now. There's probably an important life lesson there but I'm not sure what it is.
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~ I have 12 days of annual leave left to take before April. We can carry 3 days over which leaves me with 9 days. 9 days! I feel giddy!

~ What should I knit next? I still can't find my sock pattern and I can't decide what to start next. I don't want it to be anything too high maintenance because I can't be bothered to concentrate at the moment.

~ My right eyelid keeps twitching. It's annoying.

~ I missed Glee last night. I had in my head that it was on E4 tonight. Boo :) I'll just have to watch Preggers again on On Demand.

~ Today's at work random event: A blue leather bag was handed in as lost property so I looked inside it for something with the owner's name on. The bag didn't have any ID in; all it had in it was a pair of shoes, a jar of coffee and a plug.
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A senior BNP activist is planning to stand for Parliament in Sheffield. What the F**k?

And when does he, someone who has been filmed saying "Hitler will live forever", decide announce this? On Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It kind of makes me want to kick something.

In other news, I got a paper cut off a jiffy bag yesterday. It's the second time I've done that. For something that is supposed to be padded and safe jiffy bags are dangerous!

The random occurrences continue at work: my colleague found a mouse trap in the resources room this morning. Not the board game, an actual trap for catching and killing mice. I assume there's a story behind this that we have yet to hear.

Quote of the day
You should always wave at trains. ~ Woman in the street