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I really, really didn't want to come to work this morning. I don't expect it to be a crap day or anything, I just would have much rather stayed at home and read a book.

I don't think it's just me, we had a conversation in the office a little while ago concerning whether or not anyone would miss us if we snuck out. We figured if we left the lights and the radio on we could spend the afternoon in a coffee shop and just pop back at the end of the day to lock the office up. No one would ever know…

Am I getting old or is this just crap: there was a song on the radio that was just some bloke singing "I have nothing but love for you" over and over again to a Europop dance beat. Who buys that stuff? I get that you're in a club having a happy time that kind of song might be fun to shimmy to, but if you're not on drugs it's just bad. I don't get it.

Possible new career:
I think I might like to own a petting zoo.
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Someone from the office did a Starbucks run earlier and I had a mocha frappachino (sp?)

I have a bit of a coffee buzz going on now. I don't know how much caffeine there actually is in a frappachino, it might not be much but my body responds to the merest suggestion of coffee - I get all bouncy on a small decaf latte - so I'm all zingyzingy now.

I should never, never drink Red Bull, the consequences would be terrifying.

The good thing is that the zingyzingy seems to have banished, or at least be hiding, the headache I can't quite seem to get rid off. No amount of tablets, chick lit, ignoring the housework and early nights can shift it; it feels like someone has over tightened a screw some where behind my right eye. Woe. Woe! Moar sympathy plz!

Possible new careers
Cheese tester
Secretary of the Bacon Appreciation Society
Professional tourist

ETA Does anyone else think that Lady Gaga's new song, Alejandro, sounds like Don't Turn Around by Aswad?
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As far as I can tell the month of June 2010 is totally full of fail. Fail fail fail.


I went to the orthodontist and they wanted to take a mould of my teeth which involved me biting down on a poop-a-scoop a full of play doh, the mould of my bottom teeth went fine but the top one hit my gag reflex. There is something very, very undignified about going, "bleeergghgghhhh" in front of a room full of people. Twice.

I went to give blood. I filled a form promising that I'm not an intravenous drug user and have never had malaria, settled onto the bed thing with my book, held out my arm and it was all going well until the nurse said, "Oh". She blew a vein, so instead of giving blood I had someone press down hard on my arm for a while and the developed a massive bruise. I still have it; I think it's going to last for a long time.

I keep losing things, forgetting how to type, spell, add up and use the alphabet, I forgot my colleagues surname on Friday, I put a tub of yoghurt in a cupboard and left my knitting at home on the sofa on Knitting in the Pub night.

And that's not everything. I don’t think I'm safe to be around. **

Thing I have seen that has amused me
T shirt in the window of the shop that says, "Sorry, I stopped listening to you."

Words my mobile doesn't have in its predictive text dictionary:

I've decided to instigate a new tag. It's going to be called Possible New Careers. I thought I'd note down possible new career paths as I think of them to be reviewed and compared at a later day. Feel free to offer suggestions.

My list of new careers so far includes:
Beatnik ninja
Gardener - there are plenty of treatments for hay fever, it would be fine
Lollypop lady
One of the people that paint white lines on the road

**and it took me three four attempts to do this entry

Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres