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Things that have amused me
An incy wincy spider has build a web between two packs of laminating pouches in the resources room

One of the people that arrived for a meeting this morning looked just like Mike from the Young Ones.

Thought of the day
Other people's salads always look nicer than your own.

The rest of the day isn't worth mentioning. I think there must be a full moon.
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I keep having recurring dreams about America's Next Top Model. There's something about that show that lodges in my subconscious, I might have to worry about that...

Things I have seen that have amused me
~ A café with a sign in the window advertising a big breakfast as a Credit Brunch

~ Something that looked very much like a girl climbing out of her boyfriend's bedroom window. The window was on the ground floor so she didn't have far to drop.

~Trees with blossom on! It's spring! It should be getting warmer soon!

~ There's a little article about Ravelry here. It's short and not really very informative but it caught my eye because one of the women in the picture that accompanies it has cakes tattooed on her arm. A tattoo of cakes. Fantastic.

Thought of the day
It's amazing how much you can get done when you are waiting for the laminator to heat up.


Jan. 6th, 2009 01:40 pm
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I was thinking last night; do you remember during the summer and instead of wearing 3 layers you could leave the house in a T shirts and flip flops? No, me either. It feels like it's been winter for ages. It feels like it's been cold for ages

Thought of the day
Why is the rambling drunken man on the bus never going on a short journey?

The one on the bus yesterday thought that the Germaine Greer was to blame for all the problems in the world.

Thing I have seen that amused me
On the way to work this morning I walked past a large teddy bear that had been propped up against a wall with a note in its paws that read, "Homeless and hungry, please help", there was actually some spare change on the floor near its feet.
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~I am so bored. Sooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooored. There's no one in today and nothing is happening. I think I'm losing the will to live.

~New Kids on the Block did a signing in the Oxford Street HMV yesterday afternoon and they were talking on Radio 1 in the morning about how 300 people had been camping outside the shop for 24 hours waiting to meet them. I could have been there with them. Some old friends I have reconnected with via the magic of Facebook went and asked me if I wanted to come along, so I thought about it for 0.0008th of a second then said no.

Camping? In September? On Oxford Street? No. Even when I was 13 that would have seemed like a bad idea and considering the weather we've had over the last few days I'm sure I made the right decision. And even if the weather had been glorious I don't think I would have liked feeling that ridiculous. I'm not averse to a bit of ridiculous every now and then - I went looking for an In The Night Garden magazine when I was shopping on Saturday to help me work out a knitting pattern for a Tombleeboo - but that much ridiculous doesn't appeal.

However, they have announced some tour dates including a concert in Sheffield Arena. There wouldn't be any camping at all needed for that, just a tram ride. It will probably be a laugh so I think I might get myself a ticket when they are available - it's been a really long time since I threw my hands in the air and waved them like I just didn't care. :)

~Thought of the day
What's the difference between obsessed and fixated?


Aug. 18th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Thought of the day:

Why is cous cous called cous cous and not just cous, or cous cous cous?
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My mummy is staying with me this week and when I got in from work last night she was making tea for me and it was brilliant. It was yummy foods but it could have been beans on toast and I would have been thrilled; having someone making your tea for you is the BEST THING EVAH!!

We went to the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet on Sunday. They were having a living history 'this is what is was like during the war' day, which was nice. A enthusiastic man in a flat cap told us about steel production in Sheffield and how some of the steel and wires produced were used in the development of radar, we made paper aeroplanes and a penny parachute (my parachute wasn't really fit for purpose, it plummeted to the ground rather than floated gracefully. I did draw a tin hat on my little parachutist man so I wasn't too concerned) and went to the 'home base' area with examples of rationing and a lady knitting a fabulous pair of green knickers. Then we had an ice cream on the way home. Marvellous.

I've just got a letter from HR confirming what my job now is now that the Wheel of Restructuring has stopped turning and my pay has gone up, which is nice, but not only that - its gone up by more that I thought it was going to. Score!

Thought of the day:
Why is Chinese Whispers so called? What's Chinese about it?
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This weekend as gone too fast. I know I say that every Sunday evening but it really has. I have some telly watching planned for tonight - Strictly Come Daincing results show (hopefully Kenny Logan will go, he's annoying), Top Gear then Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor-y goodness). Annoyingly BBC1 has it's new costume drama on at the same time as Long Way Round so I'll have to tape that and watch it tomorrow. I like a costume drama and this one has Judi Dench in it so it's all good.

I have a gynecologist appointment on Monday and an orthodontists appointment on Tuesday so this should be an interesting week.

Thought of the day
Why is cottage cheese so called? What's cottage-y about it?

And that's it from me, nothing else to report, other than I think I'll have chips for me tea...mmmmmmm, chips...
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I was channel flicking while I was having my lunch on Sunday and I landed on The Hits channel. According to the information bar thingy at the bottom of the screen it was "Classic Hits" hour. The first song that came on was Flying Without Wings by Westlife then after that it was Life Is A Rollercoaster by Ronan Keeting. I'd like to have a word with The Hits management about their idea of what makes a classic!

They did play U Can't Touch This, which I suppose you could see as a classic if you squint.

I watched the Eurovision Dance Contest which was camp and fantastic. The only problem was that the commentators must have been new to Eurovision because they couldn't understand why the scores were coming in the way they were. Someone should have told them that the scoring in Eurovision has nothing to do with how well the acts performed and has everything to do with politics. People vote for their neighbours, Ireland always get a high score no matter how they perform and the UK always gets a crap score.

They'll know for next time now.

Thought of the day
Feeding the ducks never gets old.
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Vampires Rock was lots of fun. The story, such as it was, was a bit dodgy and if I’d written it I would have had a different ending (Nano is eating my brain) but it was entertaining and silly and there was a lady a few rows behind me who was dressed up to look like she had a steak through her heart. Even waiting outside was amusing; there were lots of people in black standing around waiting for lots of other people in black.

I picked up the list of what is coming to the City Hall and Lord of the Dance with Michael Flattley is going to be on next year. I know it’s wrong, it’s not big and it’s not clever, but I really want to go. It will be crap and cheesy and Michael Flattley will be wearing a headband and taking himself too seriously. Plus, I like watching dancing; I was addicted to Strictly Dance Fever. It’s 30 quid though, and I’m not sure if I’d pay 30 quid to laugh at Michael Flattley. Would anyone else be interested or am I alone in my urge for bad Irish dancing?

A question. I was looking through a World Vision catalogue yesterday that has ‘alternative’ ideas for Christmas presents. What happens is you buy something, like a cow or water pump or pay for training for a teacher for people in developing countries in someone’s name and they receive a letter with a picture saying, “Hello, here is the cow/chicken/immunisation drops/etc that has been bought for the people of this African village for you”. More info here.

My question is: if you were given this as a present would you think, ‘how nice, one world one love’ or would you think, ‘that’s nice and all but I’d rather have something pretty wrapped in shiny paper’’? Be honest.

Thought of the day
Life is too short to be stoic

Word of the day

Thing I have learnt
Rockets used to be tested on the Isle of Wight and a British satellite called Prospero was launched into space 30 years ago and is still orbiting the planet – and it still works.
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-I handed in my notice with my employment agency and cause I'm a temp I only have to work a weeks notice so I only have the next few days to work and I'm freeeeee! I'm hoping to have a week between this job ending and the next one starting so I can get some more decorating done, sleep, potter around and generally not be at work.

-David Tennant is on Who Do You Think You Are tomorrow on BBC 1. The last series was interesting and the fact that there's going to be an hour of David Tennant being beardy and speaking in his native Scottish accent means I'm going to be tuning in. And possibly swooning.

- Jane Eyre: It looked lovely and was very atmospheric, they zoomed through Jane's childhood but they usually do in adaptions. I though the Mr Rochester was okay, but not quite right. He wasn't broad and wild enough for me, he was a bit too civilised, like a older, bitterer Mr Darcy; but he did wear his hat at a jaunty angle so he scored brownie points with me for that.

Thought of the day
Is having someone sat behind you on the bus chewing gum loudly one of the most annoying things in the world or is it just me?

on hold

Aug. 25th, 2006 07:12 pm
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Thought of the day
Life is too short for case sensitive passwords.

I spent all day at work today waiting for people to get back to me, it was bloody frustrating and a pretty pointless way to spend eight hours. But it was helped by the fact that someone was leaving so had brought lots of cakes and crisps in so I sat eating crap while waiting for the phone to ring.

I'll have to eat my greens tomorrow to make up for it.

I'm hungry

Jun. 8th, 2006 06:05 pm
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Thoughts of the day
~ I love Goths who won't compromise. The weather has been really nice over the last couple of days, it's going to be "Flaming June" apparently, and most people are walking around in T-Shirts and sandals. But not the Goths, particularly the Baby Goths (I like Baby Goths - 17 year olds who spend lots of time and money and effort trying to look like they haven't spent any time or money or effort). They still have their layers of black on including the long black leather jackets. Don't they get hot? Can't you wear a short sleeves and still be a Goth?

There's something about it that makes me smile, I think it's something to do with the irony of working so hard to be non-conformist that you actually conform to a non-conformist stereotype; there's something sweet about that youthful commitment to Being A Certain Way.

I'm not making any sense to I'm going to shut up

~ Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes.

Things that have amused me
~ An ice cream van visited the industrial estate where my office is based this afternoon. I was sat staring at the Branch Banking Return (Non Invoiced) form and losing the will to live when I heard Teddy Bears Picnic played by jingly bells. Glenis rushed outside and came back with 99s! (Ice Cream in a cone with a flake stuck in for anyone who doesn't know.)

Mr Whippy Ice Cream with a flake – does it get any better?

It got me through the rest of the afternoon

~I saw a pack of Da Vinci Code Top Trumps this morning.

~ I've had I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair in my head on and off all day. Somewhere along the way it's been mixed up with something I've seen or read or a train of thought I've had because for some reason it's turned into I Wish I Was A Bulldozer With Flowers In My Hair.

I was born too soon
To a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a bulldozer with flowers in my hair
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I can't shake this bloody cold. *cough splutter croak*


X-Men 3 was good fun. Ian McKellen was fabulous as always and the scenes with him and Patrick Stewart were brilliant. And who knew that Kelsey Grammer could kick arse? I am so glad that I stayed until the credit ended to see the little bit afterwards; it was worth sitting in an almost empty cinema feeling like an uber-geek.


In the ladies toilet in the cinema there was a poster encouraging women to join the Fire Service. It had a picture of a female fire fighter covered in ash with ticky boxes beside her; the ticky boxes for "Good Communicator" and "Uses Initiative" had tickys in them but a third one marked "Likes Action Movies" was blank and underneath it said, "You don't have to be a man to be a fire fighter". And I thought: You don't have to be a man to like action movies! I like action movies!
It just struck me as ironic that an advert that is supposed to be encouraging equality is actually pretty sexist.


I pulled out the electricity cupboard yesterday – my god there was a lot of shite in there! It was as bad as the Box That Time Forgot from under my bed. Most of the bits and pieces were mementoes from when I was in America and old photographs. What I think I'll do is start a scrap booking project after I've moved. I think scrap booking is pretty trendy at the moment – according to my mum QVC has whole weeks devoted to it :P. I thought it just involved sticking a picture to a piece of paper but obviously I'm missing the point. There are different kinds of scissors and paper and stickers and glitter glue and so forth. It sounds like something I could make a mess with.


I'm going to see the Da Vinci Code after work. I've heard mixed review for it so I'm not sure what to expect. Ultimately, anything that upsets the right-wing fundamental Christians is all right with me.

Thought of the day
If yesterday, 06.06.06, was the number of the beast does that make today, 07.06.06, the neighbour of the beast??

eta X-Men 3 spoilers in the comments.
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I saw two kids riding bikes with stabilizers in the park at lunchtime. I think the word stabilizer is a misnomer. There was nothing stable about the way they were bombing around the tennis court.

My colleague Clare gave me a birthday card and a pretty sparkly necklace. *happy*

I caught a look at my reflection and saw that I looked like crap, so this evening my plans are as follows:

Nice healthy roasted vegetables for tea

Nice hot bath

Comfy pajamas



Sleep. Sleep is good

The word of the day today is 'thwarted'; just because I like saying it.

Thought of the day is: Don't strawberries have a lot of pips?

*Wanders off whistling elaborately*
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The news is full of stories of courage in adversity, people helping the stranger next to them, walking into hospitals and offering their help, giving blood, cabbies filling their cars with stranded travellers and taking them home. And the general feeling seems to be; 'We will not be intimidated' people are going back to work and getting on with their lives.

I'm not a patriotic person really but it has made me proud to be British.

[ profile] indigo_blind and I were talking about this last night. London is a city that survived the Blitz and then the IRA bombing campaign of the early 80's. We're British; we're determined, tea drinking, resourceful and slightly mad. Our cultural heritage is full of people like my great grandmother who stood in the back garden waving her fist and the German planes as they flew overhead shouting "You come down here you buggers, I'll give you what for!"

What has been proved to me is not how the world is frightened and divided by terrorism, but how unified we are and how much empathy and compassion is shared between different countries and cultures.

I suppose what we need to try and do now is convince our countries leaders about our global community.

This is brilliant

I've just watched Top of the Pops. Oh dear. The Backstreet Boys on it and they really weren't very good (does anyone else look at their comeback and think 'Face the Music'?), neither was anyone else.

Never mind terrorism, I think crap chart music is the real threat to civilised society. :P

Thought of the day.

Life is too short to worry about getting grass stains on your jeans.
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There is nothing like walking along a hospital corridor carrying a small pot of your own urine to teach you humility.
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Thought of the day - Happiness is spitting cherry pips across the room.

Quote of the day - If God had meant for me to touch my toes, he would have put chocolate on the floor.