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~ Do you know what I don't get? Kindles. Why would you spend £100 on something that is essentially a book when you can buy a novel from a charity shop for 50p? Books don't need batteries and you can drop them on the floor and accidently drip tea on them without worrying too much. Also, to quote Giles, computers don't smell.

I'm a grumpy old woman. But that's okay; I think being a grumpy old woman is the new being a bright young thing

~ I have a Yahoo email account that is 14 years old. My email address is old enough to be choosing its GCSE options. Bloody hell!

Thing I have learnt
The collective noun for a group of larks is an exaltation.

Words my mobile phone doesn't have

Quote of the day
Never read a book through merely because you have begun it.
~ John Witherspoon

Stephenie Meyer, I am looking at you. Or, to be precise, I am not looking at New Moon.
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How come I can't remember what I've done with the thing I had in my hand 3 seconds ago but I can remember the words to a dodgy one hit wonder from the 90s? (OMC - How Bizarre. How bizarre, how bizarre...)

The inside of my head baffles me sometimes.

Another example of baffling head stuff: I had a fandom heavy dream on Saturday night, Gonzo from The Muppets was there, as was Giles from Buffy and Sam and Dean from Supernatural (Sam told me to not bother watching the most recent season of Supernatural, he said that the story isn't going anywhere). I can't remember exactly what was happening but there was lots of running around going on. There seems to be a lot of running around in my dreams recently.

I had a busy day on Saturday. I tried anchovies (salty but good) ate cake (always a good time) learnt blanket stitch (thank you [ profile] beebarf) and worked out that it takes about nine episodes of Buffy to make a hippo.

The hippo, who I have given the lordly name of Vincent Van FrankenHippo, came from a kit that I bought in John Lewis before Christmas. He is a thing of beauty. I haven't taken a picture yet but I will do at some point.

Words my mobile doesn't have: Pithy
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I had a weird apocalyptic dream last night involving explosions, lava and a dragon. My legs ached when I woke up, I think it must have been all the running from the dragon that did I; it was breathing fire everywhere so everyone had to get away sharpish. I'm not the only person who has apocalyptic dreams am I?

Things I have seen that amused me
On Friday a lady told her grandson that if he didn't stop messing around with the stapler on my desk I would tell Father Christmas that he had been naughty. I am the receptionist of Christmas Present :)

You can buy your own Tardis, sort of. Yorkshire Police are selling off some of their old Police Boxes. How much do you want to buy one and paint it blue?

Words my mobile doesn't have
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As far as I can tell the month of June 2010 is totally full of fail. Fail fail fail.


I went to the orthodontist and they wanted to take a mould of my teeth which involved me biting down on a poop-a-scoop a full of play doh, the mould of my bottom teeth went fine but the top one hit my gag reflex. There is something very, very undignified about going, "bleeergghgghhhh" in front of a room full of people. Twice.

I went to give blood. I filled a form promising that I'm not an intravenous drug user and have never had malaria, settled onto the bed thing with my book, held out my arm and it was all going well until the nurse said, "Oh". She blew a vein, so instead of giving blood I had someone press down hard on my arm for a while and the developed a massive bruise. I still have it; I think it's going to last for a long time.

I keep losing things, forgetting how to type, spell, add up and use the alphabet, I forgot my colleagues surname on Friday, I put a tub of yoghurt in a cupboard and left my knitting at home on the sofa on Knitting in the Pub night.

And that's not everything. I don’t think I'm safe to be around. **

Thing I have seen that has amused me
T shirt in the window of the shop that says, "Sorry, I stopped listening to you."

Words my mobile doesn't have in its predictive text dictionary:

I've decided to instigate a new tag. It's going to be called Possible New Careers. I thought I'd note down possible new career paths as I think of them to be reviewed and compared at a later day. Feel free to offer suggestions.

My list of new careers so far includes:
Beatnik ninja
Gardener - there are plenty of treatments for hay fever, it would be fine
Lollypop lady
One of the people that paint white lines on the road

**and it took me three four attempts to do this entry
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May the fourth be with you. That never gets old as far as I am concerned.

You know you are reading a Harry Potter book when you look at where your bookmark is, notice that the amount of pages you have read add up to the length of an average book, then realise you aren't even half way through the story.

Words that aren't on my mobile phone's predictive text
Titan and damn. It has f*ck but not damn. Odd...

Thing I have learnt
The Terry and Julie in The Kink's song Waterloo Sunset (Terry meets Julie, Waterloo Station, every Friday night) are Terrance Stamp and Julie Christie.

Flashforward, cut for spoilers )
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I have been compiling a list of the words that the predictive text on my mobile doesn't have. On the list so far are: ambiance, ninja, and antlers.

I think there might be some more words but I can't remember what they are. So far the list has been in my head which is never a reliable place to keep things.

I've always said that I would like a job naming paints. I think the names you see in the Homebase catalogue and such are hilarious: dusky rose sunset, hint of terracotta, freedom green etc. I would like to add that I'd also like the job of naming staplers.

I was looking at heavy duty staplers today, such is my lot, and it turns out that a many staplers are named. Being heavy duty staplers, the kind of staplers that a manly man would use if he was stapling a girder to a chunk of rock, they have butch manly names. Like Odysseys! Mercury! Gladiator! And my personal favourite, Goliath!

Of course in the interest of equal opportunities, girlie staplers have names too, like Bambi.

I think I'd go with animal names for my staplers, like Cricket for those little, little ones you can get and Rhino or Orca for the bigger ones. If I was naming staplers after animals I think it would be nice to have them coloured with animal print. How cool would a snake skin stapler be?

I think it's time I got off this train of thought...