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Since everyone seems to be having on of those day that makes you want to go ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH I suggest a game of Anywhere But Here. I fact, I challenge you, my lovely flist, to a game of Anywhere But Here! *throws down gauntlet*

If I could be anywhere but here I would be in a spa, with airy-fairy floaty new age music in the background. I would by lying on a massage bed with someone with years of training and experience rubbing and kneading the muscles in my neck with aromatherapy oil. *purrs*
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In an enormous bed with white sheets, curled up in the middle with all the duvet to myself. The bedroom I'm in is part of a seaside cabin that stands right in the sand and the sound of waves and the smell of the ocean are coming through an open window.

From the next room I can hear the sounds of tea and toast being made and put on a tray for breakfast in bed.

Mmmmmmmmm *snuggles*
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I would be a red convertible with the top down driving through the country Thelma and Louise style - without the rapist, armed robbery and swan dive from the top of the Grand Canyon.

The air is fresh and sweet and full of bird's song and the trees and hedges whiz past in a green blur. There's one of those tacky driving CD's that are only available through offers on TV playing and we're singing along badly but with enthusiasm.

We don't have a destination; we're just driving for the sensation of moving without constraint or purpose.

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~The new Oasis song is crap.

~Some time very soon someone in this office is going to have some kind of episode. I think it might be Dave, there are many things that seem to be winding him up, I keep making him coffee but it doesn't seem to help - maybe I should switch to decaf.

~Monday morning haiku
Unwelcome weeks dawn
Five working days commencing
Alarm met with ire

~Anywhere but here - Deep in a forest. Surrounded by trees and far enough away from civilisation so that the only sounds are the wind and leaves and birds. Lounding on a blanket with my back up against a tree with my big, hairy, friendly dog sat next to me. I could live with that.
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It's a shitty, gloomy, rainy day so I think it's the perfect opportunity for a game of Anywhere But Here.

If I could be anywhere but here, I think I'd like to be in a cabin on a mountain somewhere, surrounded by snow covered pine trees. I'd be sat in a huge chair besides a roaring fire wrapped in a snuggly duvet with a cup of hot chocolate next to me and a good book .

I'd be waiting for Dom to get back from picking up the supplies - which I think would have to be a bottle of wine, fish and chips (I know it's not very romantic, but I could really go for fish and chips right about now), lots of chocolate, and massage oil.

I could live with that....

Where would you be?

Also, thoughts on tonights Lost
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