Jan. 25th, 2011

skylarking: (mr noisy)
Today has been filled with mumblers, people who mumble, people who mutter quietly, don't get to the point, just stand there looking at me like I'm going to be able to magically divine what they need.

It's irritating and it makes it difficult not to be sarcastic and snippy.


Maybe I'm feeling especially tetchy today, or I might just look particularly intimidating. I don't think my jumper is that threatening but anything is possible.

I watched an episode of the Edwardian Farm yesterday when Ruth went to an old wool mill to watch fleeces being turned into yarn. When the section started I felt compelled to make myself a cuppa; it's like I've developed a tea based Pavlovian response to wool :)

Is it wrong to like the song You Can Call Me Al?

Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres