Mar. 4th, 2011

skylarking: (dori wishes)
The office radio has now been tuned to Capital Radio. I have to say, I'm not loving it so far. The song that was just one was about someone being 'Like a G6' and I'm far too old to know what that means.

When I was a teenager, the word that everyone used was 'cazh', pronounced ca-zzsh (the zzsh bit is like the middle of the word casual, thinking about it, that's probably where the word came from) if something was particularly good it was 'cazh as'.

When I was 14 we did a project in English class where we had to put together a dictionary of our slang words then re-write a fairy story using those words. The group I was in did Little Red Riding Hood; I remember it being hilarious to do.

Then - and this is the exciting part - we sent our stories to other school in other countries through the computer! We sent them messages and they message by using a computer plugged into a phone line!! There was a school in Australia and a school in New York. It was very new and thrilling; my class was in the local paper and everything.

I wonder if the other schools were in the paper too. Probably not, I'm sure there are more interesting things to write about in New York than there are in Redcar.

"Tonight we’re going hard, hard hard hard hard hard,
Just like the world is ours, ours ours ours ours ours
We’re tearin’ it apart, part part part part part
You know we’re superstars, stars stars stars stars stars stars"

Ke$ha, you suck, suck suck suck suck suck suck

Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres

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