May. 18th, 2011

skylarking: (sherlock wall)
I've booked onto a self employment workshop as part of the package offered by HR as part of the 'We are making you redundant so we're offering you some training' extravaganza.

They've sent me some pre-course information that includes an 'About Me' ticky list and you are only supposed to tick the ones that I'm sure about. I think self employment might not be the way for me to go, the ticky list includes things like 'I know the risks', 'I am ready to put in 7 days a week', 'I can make careful decisions', and 'I am self-disciplined and I do not let things drift'. . Hmmm.

Thing I have learnt
The song Volare, sung by the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, was originally a Eurovision song contest entry for Italy in the 1958 competition. It came third

Wise Words

Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~ De Casseres

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