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~ I walked past a man wearing a penguin suit and flip flops this morning. I'm guessing he had a good time last night.

~ I finally remembered to go into Feline and ask them about touching up my tattoo and I've booked an appointment for Monday morning. I think being tattooed is a good way to spend my first official day of unemployment. It's weird though, Feline is just near where I currently work; I could pop in to see how things are going...I don't think that's going to happen though. Luckily, Feline is also near Cocoa, the divine chocolate shop so I might have to pop in there afterwards. I'm going to need a bit of comfort, I remember how much my tattoo hurt when I was having it done.

Thing I have learnt
During World War Two Sheffield was heavily bombed. To protect the stained glass windows in the Cathedral from damage they were removed, wrapped up and stored down a mine until the war ended. I like the idea of the windows been stored in a mine, it's very Yorkshire.

Quote of the day
I feel like doing something proper mischievous ~ Man walking past me carry a can of larger
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~ I've worked out that when you include days off I only have five more Monday morning getups until I leave this job. Holy crap.

~ I seem to have reached a stage in my life where I can't see a Rhiannon video without shouting, "Put some clothes on!" at the telly.

Is it me or do all Rhiannon videos involve her wearing hardly any clothes and shouting a chorus? Bored now.

~ Quote of the day
If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em! Don’t sleep with people who don’t read!" ~ John Waters

Happy PJs

May. 3rd, 2011 10:57 am
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I had a very jolly long weekend. Long weekends are brilliant and should happen more often. I didn't watch the Royal Wedding live but I did watch the highlights on catch up. My favourite bit was the little bridesmaid who stood on the balcony scowling with her hands over her ears because she didn't like the noise.

I went for a walk along the Sheffield Round Walk on Sunday (the map in the booklet is fairy crap but never mind). While I was tramping though the Fulwood part of town I came across Mayfield Alpaca Farm. It had a tea shop so I had to go in to investigate. I'll go anywhere that has a tea shop. It was really sweet. There were chickens, geese, dogs and cats running around, and as I sat in the tea room stoking the farm cats a lady rode past the window on a horse. I want to live there.

It probably isn't as lovely and idyllic as it seems. It's probably very hard work, the owners probably never get a day off and I'll bet its cold in the winter but it seemed pretty bloody good while I was there.

The only unfortunate thing about the day is that I managed to trip over the ground and hurt my arm. The path I was walking on changed from grass to concrete and when misjudged how high I needed to step up to get from one to the other and tripped over and landed in an undignified sprawl on my arm. It was a special moment.

Quote of the day
Hope is the gay skylarking pyjamas we wear over yesterday's bruises ~
De Casseres

I love the idea of gay skylarking pyjamas. I want a pair. They would be the most fabulous pyjamas in the world.
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~ Do you know what I don't get? Kindles. Why would you spend £100 on something that is essentially a book when you can buy a novel from a charity shop for 50p? Books don't need batteries and you can drop them on the floor and accidently drip tea on them without worrying too much. Also, to quote Giles, computers don't smell.

I'm a grumpy old woman. But that's okay; I think being a grumpy old woman is the new being a bright young thing

~ I have a Yahoo email account that is 14 years old. My email address is old enough to be choosing its GCSE options. Bloody hell!

Thing I have learnt
The collective noun for a group of larks is an exaltation.

Words my mobile phone doesn't have

Quote of the day
Never read a book through merely because you have begun it.
~ John Witherspoon

Stephenie Meyer, I am looking at you. Or, to be precise, I am not looking at New Moon.
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Quotes of the day

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. ~ General George S. Patton

Why are we listening to a radio station that plays Chris de Burg? What's next, Barry Manilow??!?! ~ Me the other day

Real Radio is not always good. They were playing Lady in Red for goodness sake! I might have preferred Barry Manilow, or Manly Barilow as my aunt likes to call him, to that - I know all the words to Copacabana and Mandy (that might not be the kind of thing you're supposed to admit).

Things I have learnt
The Spoon Theory. I like it very much.

How to knit bobbles and that the bigger you make them the more they look like growths that need surgical intervention.

When I say that I don't fart because I am a lady nobody believes me. o_0


Nov. 3rd, 2010 01:34 pm
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Things I have seen that have amused me
I caught a leaf on the way to work the other day. I remember hearing that catching a leaf as it falls from a tree in autumn is lucky and I've been trying for years.

My doctor has a Viagra pen holder.

This cartoon on Hyperbole and a Half had me rolling around in my chair laughing.

Words my mobile phone's predicative text doesn't have:
Stripper, trolls (it has troll but not trolls) and Cumberbatch. I didn't expect it to have the last one but it tickled me, there is something very tickly about the name Cumberbatch. Cuuuuuumberbatcccccchhhhh.

Things that make me want to shoot myself
Appraisal paperwork: "Linked Planning Objective and expected individual and organisational benefit." That's not even in bloody English! FFS!

Quote of the day
Crazy bloke on the bus: (Talking about the David Cameron and the government) What's the name of that other bloke?
Me: Nick Clegg?
CBOTB: Yeah. His name is SATAN - that's who he is!!


CBOTB: You know what I liked about the Labour party? They swept things under the carpet. And this things with the recession - they print money don't they, why can't they just pay it off?!?

I like that, that's genius, that's proper thinking. The government should just print enough money off to pay all its debits. Simples. Why has no one else thought of that? :)


Jul. 15th, 2010 07:41 am
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UPS man: *hands me a delivery note from his pocket* Sorry it's wet, I've been sweating.
Me: o_O


Me: (to the rest of the people in the office) Is it me...?
The rest of the people in the office: No, o_O

When he started the sentence I thought he was going to say, "Sorry it's wet, I've been out in the rain". I must have pulled a face because he changed his mind and gave me the reference number to write down and threw the delivery note away.

Bless him, he wasn't the most charastmatic character I've ever met :)
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Sheffield type people - Abbeydale Picture House Youth Group are putting on a production of Bugsy Malone next week and I thought I'd go on the Friday (21st May). I've been meaning to Abbeydale Picture House for ages and I like Bugsy Malone, besides I'm interested to see just how much mess the kids will make with the splurge guns, does anyone else fancy it?. The tickets are £10 for adults.

(You will have the "You give a little love and it all comes back to you" song in your head for the rest of the day now :) All together now: da da da da da da daaaaah!)

I think the only film I've ever seen that is about gangsters is Bugsy Malone, that and Guys and Dolls I suppose, so in my head mobsters are all like Fat Sam and Big Julie from Chicago. I like it that way, I have no interest in seeing Goodfellas or anything like it, it would just shatter the illusion for me.

Quote of the day

Overhead the other day:

"He didn't think that Chick Flicks were movies, the thought it was when you showed someone the V's"

I don't know how you can mix up girlie films with making an obscene gesture but someone has managed it. I love overhearing random bits of other people's conversations.
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A senior BNP activist is planning to stand for Parliament in Sheffield. What the F**k?

And when does he, someone who has been filmed saying "Hitler will live forever", decide announce this? On Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It kind of makes me want to kick something.

In other news, I got a paper cut off a jiffy bag yesterday. It's the second time I've done that. For something that is supposed to be padded and safe jiffy bags are dangerous!

The random occurrences continue at work: my colleague found a mouse trap in the resources room this morning. Not the board game, an actual trap for catching and killing mice. I assume there's a story behind this that we have yet to hear.

Quote of the day
You should always wave at trains. ~ Woman in the street

Carp diem

Nov. 19th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Quote of the day
If today was a fish I'd throw it back ~ unknown.
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Doctor Who was made of win, I squeed at the trailer for the Christmas special.

Not made of win, however, is the fact that my boots have stopped being waterproof and I had to stand barefoot in the toilets while I held my socks underneath the hand dryer. Wet feet make you grouchy.

Quote of the day
I have a little one man tent; I bought it to bivouac down in. I've only actually used it in the garden. ~ One of the drunk, loud, rude men in the room next to us at arse o'clock on Friday night. Youth Hostels have thin walls.

It made me lol. It could have been from fatigue induced hysteria.
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Today's achievements
This morning's achievement was to work out what Britney Spears was saying. It took a while, at first I thought she was using a new slang word that I hadn't heard before - omurader - or her new song was about an operator or that she was going on about someone who was a raider; I eventually managed to glean that she was singing about someone who was on her radar.

It would be helpful if someone pointed out to her that the second syllable of the word radar is pronounced dar to sound like car rather than errrrr to sound like purr.

I think Britney Spears must have memory problem because she keeps recording songs with lyrics that are the same lines repeated over and over again. First there was Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer… and now we have On my radar, on my radar, on my radar, you're on my radar, on my radar….

Also, have you ever noticed how far she sticks her tongue out when she says a word that starts with the letter L?

Another achievement is that I chucked a load of stuff away. I spent an hour or so in the resources room going through the gubbins that has been dumped there and putting most of it in bin bags. I like a nice bit of chucking out, I find it cathartic. There are still a zillion boxes of binding combs on top of a cupboard to be sorted out but I'll leave that to another day.

You can just feel the excitement can't you?

Quote of the day
Can you pass me a couple of the drinks vouchers from my folder? A couple of students have just seen someone breaking into a car using a crowbar and they're a bit traumatised.
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Things I have seen that have amused me
On the way to work I walked past a girl who was having An Argument with someone on her mobile phone, as she walked past me I heard her say, "I'm a human being you know! Not a toy you can just throw away!" I thought she was doing really well being that resolute, especially at 7.30 in the morning.

On the way home from work I saw a middle aged man with a look of upper middle management about him, his job title is probably something like "Senior Business Process Analytical Developer". His mobile phone rang and the ring tone was You Fill Up My Senses.

Quote of the day
Never trust a computer you can't throw out of a window ~ Steve Wozniak

Either or

Apr. 7th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Strange: When I got up on Sunday morning I found a light bulb lying in the middle of the hallway near the bathroom. I stood and stared at it for a while, in a bewildered, first thing in the morning sort of haze then looked up and found that the light fitting above me was empty. At some point during the night the light bulb must have spontaneously dropped out of the socket. That doesn't normally happen so either one of the light sockets in my house has developed a new, odd fault or during Saturday night I went on an extended sleep walk that involved getting the step ladders from my spare room, setting them up in the hallway, taking the light bulb out of its socket and placing it neatly on the floor, putting the step ladders away then climbing back into bed. I'm not sure which scenario is worse.

Quote of the day
You have to have one sock before you can have two ~ me.
Zen, I haz it.

Rather lovely David Tennant and Russell T Davies interview I like the idea of a Doctor Who themed stay in the Royal Hotel, it would be geek-tastic

Time flies

Mar. 30th, 2009 04:49 pm
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I feel completely off my noodle today. I think it's because of the clocks going forward yesterday. I slept in my later than I normally and then because of the clocks changing it turned out that I had slept later than I normally do plus an extra hour so by the time I had changed out of my pyjamas half the day had gone.

I went to the park to try and soak up some sunshine while we it had some and saw baby sheeps and goats and piggies, which was nice, and saw an ice cream van so I had a Mr Whippie ice cream and pretended that it was summer.

I thought I was going to have to defend the ice cream from an eager donkey at one point but it couldn't get it's head though the fence fast enough to reach me. Having said that, it was the quickest I'd ever seen any of those donkeys move, normally, being donkeys, they are slouchy and morose. I wasn't that surprised, horses and donkeys like ice cream. Many years ago my mum took my sister and I to a country fair type thing and my sister's ice cream was stolen by a shire horse. A massive head descended and had the ice cream in one bite, my sister, who was probably about 8, was Not. Impressed. The difference is between a donkey and a shire horse I suppose is that if a shire horse really wants something it's best to not get in the way.

Quote of the day
Is that a peacock? ~ Small child watching a male turkey strutting its stuff around its enclosure.

(ps - I'm having issues with apostrophes in this entry, I can't remember where they are supposed to go so I've tried to mix it up a bit so hopefully I have at least one in the right place. *Brain fail*)
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My mum came up this weekend and we were mostly lazy. We did put one of those henna hair dyes from Lush in my hair which was a laugh. You have to grate it up trying to not get bits all over the place - I failed at this - mix it with hot water until it looks like a cow pat - nice - slap it on your head then wrap you head in cling film for about 90 minutes before you wash it off.

I thought it might turn my hair a bit red but I actually ended up dying my brown hair a slightly different shade of brown but it was a giggle so it was worth it, and my hair is quite shiny *swishes it*

Quote of the day
As I get older my opinions may change but not the fact that I am right - Ashleigh Brilliant
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Quote of the day
One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is consistently making exciting discoveries ~ A.A. Milne

I'm thinking of adopting this as my motto.

Thing I have learnt
Braces and salad don't necessarily make good bedfellows. But I'm sure those rubber band thingys aren't toxic so it's fine.

There's not much worth mentioning about last week. Work is a pain in the arse and looks set to remain a pain in the arse until mid March rather than improving at the beginning of February which I'm pissed off about but that's the way it's going to be.

My sister is coming up next week and we're going to go and see New Kids at the Sheffield Arena. The plan is to drag the box of memorabilia from underneath my bed and spend the day watching the old videos, I have brought jaffa cakes in preparation.

I think jaffa cakes and nostalgia are going to make a good day.

Jaffa Cakes and Nostalgia, if I ever have a band I think that should be the name of our first CD :)
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A baby hippo has been born in a zoo in Germany I know hippos are supposed to be bad tempered and kill more people than crocodiles but it's so cute!

Apparently, the scoring mistake on Strictly Come Dancing was "unforgivable"

Oh for goodness sake! It's just a Saturday evening family entertainment show - no blood was spilt, no one died and no small animals were hurt during filming. There are many unforgivable things happening in the world at the moment and this isn't one of them.

Two more sleeps until I'm on holiday. And counting.

Quote of the day
You need to pull your trousers up because I think I see an arsehole.
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~ I had an orthodontist appointment this morning and they fitted something called power chains which are going to close the gaps in my teeth that were left when I had 4 molars removed. Power chains, I like that name, it sounds like a hair band from the 80's :) (Their first single would be called something like Gimme All Your Hot Lovin' Honey followed by a sentimental, acoustic second single with accompanying black and white video. And at some point the lead singer would accidently set fire to his own hair in a drug fuelled moment of madness)

My teeth are starting to ache now. I think the next couple of days are going to be less fun.

~ Conversation overhead in a newsagent this morning.
Customer: *looking at the newspaper rack* There aren't any Daily Mails
Shop owner: Again?
Customer: Yeah, there are none left.
Me *muttering quietly* That's obviously God's way of telling you that you shouldn't buy it.

~QuoteJoke of the day
A woman asked the bartender for a double entendre.
So he gave her one.

ETA John Barrowman in Sheffield! Epic squee!!!
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[ profile] silverweave you can find Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat here. Enjoy :)

[ profile] indigo_blind, curiosity got the better of me and I Googled 'High School Musical Slash' and found [ profile] idontdance the community for Chad/Ryan shippers (Chyan? Rhad? Cyan? Ryad?) I truly believe that there is a community for everything on LJ.

I'm pleased to announce that my flat is now tidy. The piles of stuff have now been properly distributed. This will probably last about four days.

I have so much stuff, I don't know where it all comes from; there were knitting patterns in various rooms, a bank statement that I hadn't opened and I found a Mills and Boon book that I forgotten I'd bought.

Speaking of Mills and Boon, I was thinking earlier as I was putting a couple of them into the charity bag that keeps getting bigger and bigger in my spare room that I haven't managed or organise myself into starting on my romance novel yet and I though, 'I could do it for NaNoWriMo', then I reeled for a while. When I did NaNo before it completely took over my brain for a month and wasn't sure if I would want to do it again...I think I'll have to ruminate on that.

Quote of the day
Honk if you scrapbook ~ Bumper sticker seen in the window of a craft shop.

Made me LOL.

It's funny because it's true )